Partnership Living Tomorrow

Since May, Vlinvesta has been a proud partner of Living Tomorrow. As an investment company, we interact daily with innovation and new technologies within our various activities. Together with Living Tomorrow, we will continue to develop this in the future.

One of our companies, Van Loo Projects, active in earthworks and demolition, is firmly committed to materials recovery. We try to minimise the use of primary raw materials or incorporate recycled aggregates in concrete products and applications. So naturally, this fits in perfectly with Living Tomorrow’s story.

Furthermore, at Vlinvesta, we actively think about the future. The production of cement releases CO2. About 5% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere worldwide through human activity comes from the cement industry. At Vlinvesta, we are therefore committed to CO2 reduction. To this end, we have a running project to incorporate polymer blends (as a substitute for cement) into concrete. Having Living Tomorrow’s support is a great advantage.