DuraConnect modernises data communication for monastery Vorselaar

Some time ago, the Sisters of the Christian Schools of Vorselaar decided to adapt their convent buildings to current needs in terms of data communication. To this end, it commissioned DuraConnect.

“The convent buildings are protected as monuments of immovable heritage,” Bart Valckx says. “Integrating recent data communication technology in such an environment is no sinecure. For a start, the structure of the buildings represents a challenge. High, plastered ceilings and/or walls that are 1 metre thick make it quite complex to establish good connections between the buildings. Moreover, we were not allowed to touch certain structures, as they were protected. This is why providing the new technologies was quite a feat for our staff.”

DuraConnect installed digital television and ‘access points’ for Wi-Fi networks in all individual rooms, and IP Voice telephony. “To make this possible, we worked with – among other things – F/FTP Cat 6a cabling from the brand EXCEL Networking, which also anticipates future needs,” Ben Scherrens adds.